Potato Varieties

Potatoes isolated on white background with clipping path

Russet Potatoes

Common Varieties Russet Burbank, Norkotah Russet, Goldrush Appearance Oval to Long, medium to large, light to medium brown skin with a netted texture. Creamy white to pale gold flesh Texture and flavor Floury and dry, light and fluffy, hearty skin and earthy flavor, Sugar Content Low to medium sugar content Best for Baking, Frying, Mashing […]
Little red potatoes sliced on pure white background

Red Potatoes

Common Red Potato Varieties Red Rose, Sangre, Pontiac Appearance Round to oblong, small to medium, thin red skin, white flesh Texture and Flavor Waxy, moist and creamy. Sweet Sugar Content Medium sugar content Best For Roasting, mashing, soups, salads and stews  
Raw Yukon Gold potatoes on white background horizontal format

Yellow Potatoes

Common Yellow Potato Varieties Yukon Gold Hermes German Butterball Appearance Round to oblong small to large light tan to gold skin yellow to golden flesh Texture & Flavor Slightly waxy, creamy and moist. Buttery and Rich Sugar Content Medium Sugar content Best For Best for- grilling, roasting, mashing, salads

White Potatoes

Common White Varieties Kennebec Atlantic Dakota Pearl Appearance Round to long Small to medium Delicate thin white or tan skin, white flesh Texture and Flavor medium starch, slightly dense and creamy Sugar Content Low sugar content Best For Frying, salads and steaming

Purple Potatoes

Common Purple Potato Varieties Purple Peruvian Adirondack Blue All-Blue Appearance Round to oblong small to medium dark purple skin, purple flesh. Texture and Flavor waxy, firm and dry. Nutty and earthy Sugar Content Low to medium sugar content Best For Salads, roasting and steaming

Sweet Potatoes

Choosing the right sweet potato for yourself can be confusing with the number of sweet potato varieties available on the market today. Here’s a little bit about each variety that will hopefully help you narrow down which sweet potato is right for you! Sweet Potato Varieties Garnet – Deep Red to purple skin with bright […]

Specialty Potatoes

Specialty Potato Varieties Fingerling Potatoes Petite Potatoes Marble Potatoes Common Varieties Red Thumb Russian Banana French Fingerling Appearance Fingerlings are finger shaped or oblong in a variety of colors. Petite and marble potatoes look the same as their larger versions, just much smaller. Texture and Flavor-Fingerlings are Waxy and Firm, Nutty and sweet. Petites and […]

Organic Potatoes

Here at Valley Spuds, we consider ourselves your potato people and we take this to heart. It is for this reason that we carry a full variety of organic potatoes that are all CCOF certified organic. Organic Is Better Our organic potatoes are everything you hoped for out of a quality organic potato product and much […]