All About Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes vs. True Yams

When a person usually thinks of a Yam, what comes to mind is a red skinned- orange flesh root vegetable that you can get at your grocery store that you roast with brown sugar and marshmallows for a holiday dinner. But when you think of a sweet potato, one imagines a vegetable the same shape, […]

Tuber vs. Root Crop

Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes are both vegetables that are grown underground and are herbaceous perennials. Which means that all of the vegetation above ground dies, while the vegetables stay alive underneath to save energy for propagation for the next year. While being alike in the way they are flowering plants that are harvested underground, that […]

Sweet Potatoes

The Sweet Potato, Ipomoea Batatas, is a sweet tasting, starchy root vegetable that is eaten is many countries all over the world. It is long and tapered at the ends with a smooth skin that comes in many colors, ranging from cream colored, pink, yellow, red, orange, white, violet and purple. The flesh inside also […]
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The History of Potatoes

Everybody loves Potatoes, but not everyone knows about the 8000 year journey from 4000 feet high in the Andes Mountains, to being the number one side dish for millions of people worldwide. Behind wheat, corn and rice, The Potato is the 4 largest food crop grown globally. Pound for pound the potato packs a much […]
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Potato Nutrition Facts

The Hearty Healthy Potato While unassuming in its nature, the bashful potato has a lot to boast about. Did you know that the average person can subside off nothing but potatoes and butter alone for extended periods of time? With only 110 calories, no fat,  no cholesterol, no salt, 45% of the daily value of […]